Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vehicles Overturning: Never again

The Anti-overturning Springed Bar for vehicles has been finally invented.

After many accidents in which the vehicle overturned in a curve and caused damage to itself or passenger, the False-News editor invented a simple safety device that solves the problem.

This device detects a dangerous angle of inclination of a vehicle, and launches a springed rod that knocks on the floor and makes the vechicle bounce back to vertical position.

It mounts on the roof of the vehicle. Most needed in double-decker long distance buses, but most likely to be adopted first by Hollywood film-makers.

The adjusting bolt allows triggering at varying angles, ranging from 45 to 65 degrees, depending on the relative height of the gravity center of the vehicle.

As a result of the spring action, there is no damage to the lateral side of the vehicle. The impact of the accident is buffered.

2 or 4 devices are needed for every vehicle, half oriented to each side.

The complete set of 2 or more bracket-mounted rods doubles as a baggage carrier.

A search in IBM's patents website showed nothing like my invention.

This is a false false news. Thus, it is a true news.

We are waiting for someone willing to invest for patenting and manufacturing.

See this page for drawings.

Would any kind reader send us a better drawing. Or even better, an animated gif? You will certainly help save lives!.

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