Tuesday, July 31, 2007

91-year-old woman raped

A boy, 16, armed with a knife, attacked an old lady alone at her home.

Fernando B. forced the door at 5 AM , Sunday, Jan. 31, 2005. After sexually abusing the woman, he robbed some money, jewelry and home appliances and ran.

Shortly after that he was captured by the police. He was locked in an isolated cell, but he managed to break the lock and escaped thru the ceilings.

In the mean time, a gynecologist and other doctors confirmed the sexual abuse, convincing even the most skeptical journalists and policemen. In fact, the woman had been abused several times by the young robber.

None of the policemen in the 6st station at Rosario City, Argentina, noticed the escape at the moment. It turned out that the minor found his way out of jail and went home. He was recaptured 3 days later and sent to a safer prison.

Rosario has no women shortage. It is a large industrial center, with current population over 1,110,000, 53% of which are female. Che Guevara was born there in 1928 and Maradona played for the local Newells soccer team in 1993.

Fernando B. has a long story of drug abuse and 20 criminal offenses so far.

Source: This news should not belong to www.false-news.com because it is strictly true, but we felt like including it. It appeared in several Argentine newspapers (in Spanish): http://www.clarin.com/diario/2005/02/01/um/m-914342.htm - Local, serious newspaper

Only the photo is false.

Note: There are keywords in the articles to improve our google and yahoo rankings.

This article is about an old-woman raped, the rape of an ancient lady, an abused senior citizen. It is a real news about an indecent rape, abusive and criminal rape. Raping is severely punished by law. More than ninety years do not protect agains rape or raping by a delinquent minor.


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