Tuesday, July 31, 2007

United Nations new Quality Standard for countries

A proposal for the U.N.

Listen, Mr. Kofi Annan...

The main world problems are war and hunger, which mostly arise from ignorance, racism, regionalism, nationalism, religion and other sectarian attitudes.
While the Muslim terrorism threat and the disproportionate West response continue to escalate, the world war problems will not be solved. The economic and social differences between countries can be softened and disregarded, but the religious identification of a whole country is impossible to conciliate with long-term peace.
The UN should take a more proactive attitude to end those problems, creating a quality standard for member nations.
The Standard will demand:

For states:

- Significant monetary contribution to the UN. This is necessary to enhance the role of the UN and to limit the ambitions of small territories looking for independence. Do Chechenia or Osetia or Tamil or others know that they will need to pay ambassadors in every country, and possibly an expensive UN Membership Fee?
- no identification of the state with any race, national origin, political ideas or any potential threat to peaceful coexistence.
- support of Internationalism rather than Nationalism.
- free press, free speech.
- freedom of communication and information
- UN audited democracy
- Defense-only military
- UN audited economy for equitable wealth distribution
- no public religion, full separation of State and Religion
- no death penalty
- compulsory state education for at least 7 years for every citizen. No religious education shall replace state education.
- no restrictions for emigration of citizens
- an immigration quota based on the growth of the economy, favoring citizens from other Standardized Countries.
- acceptance of the International Courts for international disputes
- integration of minorities

The states or countries adhering to the Peacefully Coexistence Standard will enjoy military protection from the UN against aggression from non-standardized countries. They will also receive special international help for disasters or emergencies.

For citizens:
- citizens will be required to learn a second language, selected among those frequently spoken in the region.
- citizens will be encouraged to travel and migrate to countries members of the UN Country Standard.
- citizens will be allowed to obtain International Citizen Status, be means of education and acceptance of the UN Country Standard. This status shall ease the emigration to Standard Countries and the procurement of a job.

Once a significant number of countries conform to the Standard, the world will be more peaceful, sustainable, and healthy place.


Ban Ki-moon will replace Kofi Annan now.

Recently, Elton John proposed 'to ban all religions'. I somehow agree, although I suggest to discredit them instead of forbidding them.

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