Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Consulting Business is Booming

This website is published by Netic Infoservices of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I started this company in 1996, after being Medical Director of a local pharmaceutical company. My passion for the newly-born Internet drove me to learn and practice Internet Marketing.
We have many websites showing our services: www.FoundFirst.com (search engine optimizing), www.netic.com.ar (Spanish), www.SiteTranslations.com.ar (English to Spanish translations) and many others.
I expect to have 18 employees by 2006 and 50 by 2007...

Image taken from http://prague.tv/

In the meantime...

Image taken from http://prague.tv/

Note: This site is a sample of Viral Marketing. There are keywords in all articles now, to obtain good SEO or 'search engine optimization', which leads to better google and yahoo rankings.

Viral marketing electronic media

Some clients or websites require specially creative solutions. Many internet fields are overcrowded and are extremely competitive, and SEO is one of them.

Thus, we launched False-news as a viral marketing electronic media, using humor, sarcasm, irony, political and social criticism.

We offer several approches to false news: Wishful Thinking, Crazy Ideas, My own opinions, Real but weird news, and more.

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