Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bigfoot eats skying champion in camera!

This short humor video shows a busty reporter talking about something important, I just do not remember what was it. Something that heard the audio says it was about Bigfoot eating a well-known skier, in camera. Of course, it would be nice to see the video, but apparently the camera director got distracted with something else.

I am creating short videos likes this, using humor to make the videos memorable, likeable and linkable. I wrote about a hundred scripts, posted in

The site is mostly in Spanish, but I am slowly translating the most remarkable and promising scripts. See you there...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cae un avión en la frontera anglo-española. Dónde entierran a los sobrevivientes?

La frontera anglo-española es un tema conflictivo. En principio el Mar Cantábrico sería la frontera entre los dos países, pero es difícil decir dónde cayó un avión, sólo se puede saber si la mayoría de los restos, bajo el mar, están en un lugar u otro. Y la frontera es a ras del agua, no en el fondo. O hay dos fronteras? Y la corriente marina?
Más conflictivo aún es Gibraltar. No se puede admitir que es frontera, porque se admitiría el derecho inglés al peñón. Pero en la práctica, están alli los ingleses.
En fin, para responder la pregunta que titula el artículo, si son sobrevivientes, no se los entierra... No?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Conspiracy against the Geothermal Energy by the Oil Companies

I was recently contacted by the president of an European Geothermal Energy Physical Association, asking me to create public conscience about his field. He believes that for some occult reason the governments do not pay enough attention to cheap enery sources such as geothermal.

After some web research, I tend to agree with him. Nobody states any strong argument against geothermal energy. It is renewable, clean, abundant and available. And it can completely destroy the oil energy business.

The cost of building a geothermal plant depends on how deep the heat source is located. In places like Island, Hawai or any volcanic area, there is no problem and the heat from the lava could be fully exploited for energy generation. There is no limiting size for such an explotation, and the excess energy could be used to generate hydrogen. Liquid hydrogen is a high-energy fuel that can be shipped anywhere, and burnt for energy without contamination. The sale of energy could easily cover the initial costs of geothermal plants in a very short period.

There are a few reasons against geothermal energy: the possibility of earthquake (remote), release of contaminant substances (remote and only at the initial time of perforation), exhausting the local heat. This last event might limit the energy produced by a well, but should not prevent it. It can be solved with a deeper weel, or multiple paralel wells.

There are no serious objections to a wider use of geothermal energy, against the interests of the oil companies. If they saw this reality, they should have bought shares of the geothermal companies, expecting to shift their focus in the near future, when the conditions for their benefit are optimal. This can be easily be investigated by financial journalists.

The oil companies are in excellent position to take advantage of the geothermal energy. They have the drilling technology and the old wells that did not find oil. Those wells could be easily reconverted to geothermal energy production, specially when they reach hight temperatures in the bottom. However, they make more money with oil, no matter how bad for the environment it is.

If I could bet, I would buy a few shares of the geothermal companies.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight: What really happened

Finally, the fate of the fallen Malaysia missing plane was revealed by an email. Passenger Lyonel Murrugand, a Nepalese frequent business traveler, sent a revealing email to his mistress seconds before the plane took its last dive in the ocean. The email went thru several intermediaries that did not want to reveal the name of the original receptor, which is a married woman. The message also contained many adult-only phrases that embarrassed all the intermediaries between Murrugand´s mistress and Janet Jinjer, a journalist for the Kuala Lumpur "Daily Yellow" that is about to print it. 

How did the doomed traveler obtain internet connection? Apparently the plane went near a Chinese passenger jet with an open wi-fi connection, and passengers enjoyed a few seconds of connectivity. The plane was assaulted by three young men carrying hard plastic knives. The knives were made of 4 parts snapped and glued together. Apparently the pieces had odd shapes and could not be detected by the X ray examination. The kidnappers glued and assembled the knives, waiting three hours for the glue to act. After threatening the stewards the thieves went into the cockpit and forced the pilots to divert the plane towards Perth, Australia, where one of the kidnappers had an old aunt named Eileen that waited to see him. 

 The bold and aggressive men took time to demand all money and valuables from the passengers and crew, and after that forced the pilot to fly real low over the ocean. Just when the plane ran out of fuel, they had the door opened and jumped into the sea, where an accomplice drove a small boat to pick them up.
This story can be confirmed if any valuable belongings from the passengers appears in pawn shops or flea markets. Or if the credit cards or other documents are ever used. 

"This is not a sad story, after all. I plan to write a book about it, and sell the movie rights", - said Janet, the journalist of the "Daily Yellow". "I understand people are sorry about the missing plane, and the plane and lives mean more than 400 millions. But the Titanic disaster costed 90 million back in 1909, and the movie made 2.4 billion". 

Many questions remain to be answered. 

  • Why these logic event chain was not deducted or guessed by the crash investigators? 
  • Why the crew did not use firearms against the kidnappers armed with plastic knives? 
  • Should not the police investigate the Olympic divers, the only ones that can jump safely into the water from over 4000 feet? 
  • Are there any victims whose relatives did not mourn?
  •  Did the kidnappers want to kill the passengers and wreck the plane, or that was an accident?
  •  Did Aunt Eileen suspect anything when his nephew arrived home with two friends, all wet, and with plenty of foreign money in his pockets?
 Wait for the movie to find out.  

Seriously now 

It would be quite easy for a criminal group to take a plane, collect valuables from the passengers and jump out. This could be hampered by video surveillance cameras in the aisles. I imagine the many writers are now dreaming with the movie. 

Airplane security will be enhanced in view of this tragic incident. If my cheap car ever gets stolen, the insurance company can easily recover it by means of the hidden radio transmitter sold by LoJack. 
Why a plane does not have anything like that? 

When the air hostess says "Turn out your cell phones, please", I imagine only half of the passengers obey. The other half leaves them on, and this could be used to track the phones in the missing plane. It is likely that a few of them had roaming or satellite service, that could work even in the air. Why we have not heard of such thing?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chilean Miner Safer Underground than at home

To Yonni Barrios, 50, fame came in a bad time. Working in a gold and cupper mine in Temuco, Chile, provided him with the perfect excuse to arrive home a few hours or a few days late. So, he had a wife and a mistress that did not know about each other.

On August 5, 2010, the colapse of the mine put him and 32 mates under 700 meters of solid earth, in a small chamber with scarce resources. After 17 days, the rescue team managed to make contact with all 33 survivors. Their names and faces were all over the national and international media, and the two wives learnt about his missing loved one. The relatives were called to the surface of the disaster point, and then they met and learnt about Yonni's bigammy condition.

The reporter says Yonni wanted the earth to swallow him...

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Freedom Ship: Abortion, Drugs, Sex Change and Euthanasia

There is already a ship chartered by pro-choice activists that offers abortion pills to women where abortion is illegal. They simply take the woman to international waters, and the Dutch-flagged ship allows doctors to terminate unwanted pregnancies. The organization is Women on Waves, and so far have visited Ireland, Portugal and other European ports.

This is such an interesting project, that I am willing to expand it into other activities that are illegal in most countries, but legal in the Netherlands. And mostly, bringing the ship to Latin America, where abortion is largely illegal.

The ship would have several sections, in addition to Abortions: Pot Smoking, Same Sex Marriages, Euthanasia, Sex Change Surgery, Gambling and delivery of babies with Dutch nationality.

The cost of those activities will be very low for citizens of restricted countries, because they will only need to board the ship for a few miles.

The captain of the ship will act as non-denominational Priest to marry couples and administer last sacraments to euthanasia adopters. He will also be Birth Godfather, and we will try to convince him into pouring drinks (for Arab countries where alcohol is illegal) and preparing the Opium Narguille. At nights he doubles as Croupier in the Floating Casino.

We need a few bucks (maybe 1,000,000) that will be multiplied several times in a year or two.

We are open to other equally appealing activities to add: Human Cloning (still unauthorized), Human Genetic Engineering, 3-Some Marriages and more.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Infidelidad en video y crimen: Lo morboso vende más...

Las Heras es una localidad de 15.000 habitantes cercana a Buenos Aires, donde todavía todos se conocen. Y cuando Silvia Luna, próxima a casarse, apareció en un video porno casero con alguien que no era el novio, todos se las ingeniaron para verlo.
Menos claro, el novio.

Carola, compañera de trabajo en el restaurante donde Silvia trabaja, se tomó el trabajo de mostrar el video al novio, quien inmediatamente suspendió la boda.
Cuando Silvia se enteró de la intervención de Carola la encaró y la atacó con un martillo de cocina, hecho de madera y aluminio y normalmente usado para ablandar la carne. Carola hace 4 días que se debate entre la vida y la muerte, con el cráneo fracturado y en coma grado 4.
La mayoría de los medios argentinos mencionan la existencia del video, pero ninguno lo muestra. La mayoría de los sitios anónimos para subir videos, Youtube, Rapidshare, Taringa, Poringa y muchos más, alojaron el video por unas horas y luego lo tuvieron que dar de baja, seguramente ante el reclamo de los familiares. En respuesta a las enorme cantidad de pedidos y comentarios sobre el tema, rápidamente surgieron sitios de pago que ofrecen el video restringido.
El video es breve, está tomado con un celular y los camarógrafos fueron ambos participantes. Muestra varios tipos de actividad adulta.
Porqué nadie se resiste a verlo? En primer lugar, por ser un video genuino cuya dueña tomó tan a pecho su difusión, que llegó al extremo de matar y pasar seguramente muchos años a la sombra.
En segundo lugar, porque los medios mencionaron su existencia sin mostrarlo, por recato y temor a las posibles consecuencias.
En estos días Argentina debate el conflicto con Uruguay por el puente de Gualeguaychú. Las búsquedas por Silvia Luna ocupan el 66% del máximo reportado por Google Trends, mientras que las del conflicto internacional no llegan al 50%.
Cómo hacer para despertar el interés masivo del público por algo que no sea escabroso y sexual? Un desafío para los marketineros...

Versión 1 del video prohibido

Versión 2

A continuación, el llamativo parecido entre el marido de Carola y el amante de Silvia en el video:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Planean poner una sombrilla en la cumbre del volcán islandés en erupción

Un grupo de ciudadanos islandeses frustrados por la suspensión de vuelos en Europa a raíz de la erupción del volcán Eyjafjallajokull, ha propuesto una solución inteligente al problema.
Reunidos en la taberna de Moëttir en los suburbios de Reikiavik, los aburridos islandeses habían pedido varios cocktails, adornados con pequeñas sombrillas plásticas. Eso le sugirió a Magnus JonsdottirGuðrúnThorJon una solución para el problema del volcán.
Peterg GuðrúnThorJonJonsdottir, un estudiante de Ingeniería de Paraguas en la Universidad de Eyjajalla, diseñó la estructura de una sombrilla gigante de titanio que podría colocarse en el orificio del volcán.
La propuesta derrotó por 4-3 a la de AunEgilÓttar AdilsEysteinYngvarönund, catador de vino y habitué de la taberna de Moëttir, quien había propuesto un corcho gigante.

El primer obstáculo sería la resistencia del titanio al calor. Pero según Peterg el calor disminuye rápidamente al ubicar el paraguas por encima del orificio del volcán. Sólo el mango estaría expuesto a las cenizas salientes, pero éstas no son tan calientes.
- Y si no, hagamos el mango de ceniza - propuso Moëttir.
El segundo obstáculo fué la forma de subir el paraguas al volcán. Algo así como el problema de "Quien le Pone el Cascabel al Gato". Según Vébiôrn Vésteinn Véþormr la altura del volcán es de solo 1666 m, lo cual lo pone al alcance de los helicópteros.
Los mismos servirían también para trasladar el paraguas a otro volcán en erupción, en cuanto termine la emergencia actual.
La erupción 2010 del volcán ha sido bautizada "Fimmvörðuháls", para dificultar la tarea de los periodistas, aún de los que escriben falsas noticias y tienen libertad para inventar nombres.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anciana de 86 años violada, pero luego del hecho el culpable se quedó dormido y lo atraparon

Viola a una anciana, se queda dormido y lo atrapan

El hecho ocurrió en el barrio Libertad, Mar del Plata, Pcia. de Buenos Aires, donde un ladrón irrumpió en la casa de una jubilada de 86 años, sorprendida en plena madrugada mientras descansaba.

La anciana fue atacada a golpes y violada, y por el hecho fue detenido un hombre de 40, que fue atrapado porque se quedó dormido en la cama de la víctima.

Fuentes policiales informaron hoy a Télam que el hecho sucedió ayer a la madrugada en una casa situada en la calle Chacabuco, donde la anciana descansaba sola.

Un delincuente logró ingresar a la vivienda y sorprender a la mujer, a quien golpeó en el rostro y la cabeza, y luego violó en reiteradas oportunidades, detallaron las fuentes.

Los voceros explicaron que en el lapso que transcurrió entre cada abuso al que sometió a la anciana, el agresor preparó varios bultos con elementos de valor para robar de la casa.

Pero, tras el último ataque, el delincuente se quedó dormido en la cama de la víctima, quien aprovechó para llamar a un familiar, que alertó a su vez a la Policía.

Efectivos de la seccional sexta de Mar del Plata acudieron al domicilio de la anciana y sorprendieron al delincuente, que quedó detenido y fue trasladado a la dependencia policial, a disposición de la Fiscalía de Flagrancia, acusado de "tentativa de robo y violación".

La anciana, que presentaba golpes en el rostro y un estado de conmoción agudo, fue trasladada en una ambulancia a un centro asistencial, donde permanecía internada en observación.

Al revisar la vivienda de la mujer, el personal policial halló varios elementos que el agresor había preparado para robar y que había dejado envueltos en una frazada.


Fuente: Télam

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson died of…

Michael Jackson died of drug intoxication yesterday.

Michael Jackson died yesterday in L.A. of cardiac arrest at only 50, had several health problems, none of them very serious. We will know the results of the autopsy probably in a week or two. In the meantime, I suggest that he died as a result of a drug cocktail intoxication.

He had vitiligo, a defective production of melanin by the deep skin cells. Vitiligo is not serious, but has strong psychological impact. Michael tried all kind of medications, like monobenzone, psoralen and others which could be toxic.

He underwent too numerous plastic surgeries, mainly rhinoplasty, chin implant and skin peelings.

It was rumored that Jackson suffered from systemic lupus, cystic fibrosis and skin cancer. AIDS is also a possibility considering his high-risk behaviors.

Several times he postponed concerts because of dehydration or low blood pressure.

While performing, he had a broken vertebra and a leg, which induced him to have painkillers.

Having an addiction to prescription painkillers, it is likely that an overdose caused the cardiac arrest.

Recently, Jackson's "official and sole spokesperson", Dr. Tohme Tohme, said the following: "Mr. Jackson is in fine health", and we accussed an author of wanting to promote a book on a suppossed Jackson illness., a Powerful Viral Marketing tool offered for sale

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