Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Human Powered Flight: At last

A great human-powered flight invention was revealed today at the False-News Agency, surprising everyone for its simplicity and potential.

Paragliding is very common, but it is limited by wind and geographic features that allow climbing before being able to jump.

Motor paragliding is very simple, and can be carried out with a low power (50cc) engine. However, the amount of energy required by it is about 350 Watt, the amount developed by a good skinny biker.

Many stupid enterprises were carried out by stupids wanted to set another stupid record, but no one decided to fly with its legs.

The invention is just a paraglider, a propeller and bycicle pedals and chain. Conceiving, designing, putting together all the materials, testing and writing, took an amazing half an hour.


human propelled paraglider

Human-powered flight will be a convenient transportation medium, plus an excellent exercise and extreme sport.

Ask us about the patent rights. Send us your views. Send us a few bucks and we will go ahead on this.

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