Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adult Cloning now possible

First was Dolly the cloned sheep. Then it came human stem cell research. We recently learnt that children can be born from two mothers, when the ovum receives the genes from another ovum.

A more challenging and promising news comes from England, where parthenogenesis is being tried. It consists on ovum development without any chromosome injection. It is not certain to produce adult individuals. If any parthenogenetic human being is ever born, it will be genetically incomplete and sterile. The parthenogenetic embryo will be an excellent cell and organ donor, and many terminally ill patients would benefit from it.

The latest advance in gene research is the birth of cloned individuals at mature age. Instead of a baby, smart gene manipulation brings about an adult. The mother has a heavy burden to carry: the baby can be as heavy as a 151 pounds or 70 kilos. It looks like a 25 year old, although it legal age is 0.

The advantage is not spending time and money rising a child. You get an adult, ready to use or abuse.

The photo was stolen from www.webalia.com - Thanks guys!

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