Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The new food pyramid

"Eating is dangerous to your health"

The new food pyramid recommended by health authorities in the US includes less amount of sugars, fat and oily pastries, along with increased amount of fiber.

Also, a reminder to all that we must swallow our pills, capsules, syrups and other drug parafernalia: aspirin to prevent blood clotting, statins to lower our cholesterol, valium and anti-hypertensive meds to calm our spirits and viagra to raise them. Along with other drugs that will help us live a longer, healthier and more boring life.

Back to the food guide pyramid, a proposed change is that the food groups are no longer horizontal blocks of the pyramid, but vertical triangles. And the guy making exercise, represents the need to walk at least 20 miles per day or run 15. What leaves you no time to eat anyway. Driving does not count.

Of course, no tobacco, alcohol, drugs or sex have a place in the new pyramid. Strictly forbidden.

Most doctor are thinking in new things that cause damage and must be avoided. But my doctor keeps it simple: "If you like it, you cannot do it". And the converse is also true: "If you do not like it, you must".

The FDA is debating the new labels that should be added to all foods and food ads: "Eating is dangerous to your health". "Don't eat and drive", "Friends do not let friends eat" and the like.

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