Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Assassinations for $2000 publicly announced

Have gun, will travel everywhere...

Reading free classified ads I found a disturbing announcement for Inexpensive Hit Men. The add links to a free hosting service in Spain, where the hosted page details the offer in great detail. Free email accounts are provided for contact, and the publishers promise "we end with your enemies" and "we provide you the peace that you long for" .

The website is in Spanish, and it offers "testimonials from satisfied clients in South America". I am within reach, so I am cautious about my writings.

The website alone does not mention killings, but the ads do.

I wrote to the webmaster of the hosting service, but I did not get an answer. Thus, I am writing this posting to see how the online community reacts to it.

I erased the contact data from the reproduced pages, but they are available for law enforcement officers.

I wonder where lies the responsibility of webmasters and search engines for a posting like this. The combined effect of a website, free ads and indexation creates a potential deadly business.

As a webmaster, I often need time to clean spam from comments or forum postings. But I do not police all of them, and I risk hosting dangerous ads like this.

Is a Web Police the solution? A WebPolice website? A complaint to search engines? Please comment.

Unlike other postings in False-News.com, this is a false false news, so it is real.

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