Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Poisoned Cocaine or Drug-laced Poison: A Definitively Better Mouse Trap Bait

Even with all of our chemical knowledge, rats and mice are almost impossible to erradicate. Old houses have so many hiding places for rodents, that there is no way to reach them all. And the small beasts are so smart that rapidly learn to avoid traps and baits.

Rat poisons of the coumarin family block the blood-clotting process, and act after a few days following the ingestion. In this way, the rat colonies do not easily associate a bait with its deadly effect. But still, many rats are developing resistance to coumarins.

So, both their intelligence and metabolism are to strong for us.

My solution to the rat problem is simple: Cocaine.

Yes, let's spread a little coke in the corners, and wait for the rodents to get high a few times. After that, we can use tainted cocaine and be sure the rat junkies will eat it.

This is not an expensive method. Cocaine seized in drug procedures is abundant and gets destroyed. If it was transformed in Legal Coke for Rodent Use, it would be cheap.

Farmers in Colombia could export their coca leaves in a legal way, without need to switch to alternative crops.

The ony restriction would be that Legal Coke will only be sold with a Registered Exterminator prescription, such as medical marijuana is now sold in Canada and other places.

Whether rats are smarter than humans and learn to avoid the dope, remains to be seen.

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