Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rocket-Fuel Chemical Found in Breast Milk

Perchlorate is found in almost all samples tested, a study finds, raising concerns about the substance's effect on the thyroid and brain.

Scientists on Tuesday reported that perchlorate, a toxic component of rocket fuel, was contaminating virtually all samples of women's breast milk and its levels were found to be, on average, five times greater than in cow's milk.

The contaminant, which originates mostly at defense industry plants, previously had been detected in various food and water supplies around the country. But the study by Texas Tech University's Institute of Environmental and Human Health was the first to investigate breast milk.

The rocket scientist below is actively working in the fuel research project. Several experts volunteered to help her. Others went out to find out which breast features provide the better rocket fuel: size, shape, symmetry, softness or others.



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