Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Transparent Clothes: The only Prevention against suicidal bombers

The only prevention against suicidal bombers who carry explosives hidden in their clothes are transparent clothes. In that way, every one will be able to spot a suspicious package.
As a consequence, people will become more conscious about their fitness and will exercise more and eat less. Clothes designers will start working with plastic materials, which are easy to clean and do not need washer machines, detergent and other chemicals. Just a damp cloth rub once in a while.

Supposedly, the attraction of the female body is partly due to suggestive clothes. When private parts are no longer private, the charm disappears. We shall see...

Someone suggested that total nudity is also a solution. Not indeed. Clothes are necessary for decency, clean aspect, thermal protection and mostly: for pockets. Brands are also a commodity that clothes manufacturers will not relinquish: "I am ugly but I wear Gucci transparent pants".

Transparent cars are more of a challenge, because most of them are currently iron and aluminium. However, plastics are very advanced, and there should be a solution for this problem. Except the engine, most other parts could be made of transparent plastic. Car bombs, a current threat in many countries from Irak to Israel, will be more difficult to make.

Bullet-proof glass already exists, and it comes with some cars used by government officers and celebrities. So, creating whole doors out of glass should not be so difficult. The same goes for the roof, engine cover and other parts. The cars will be quite transparent, and hiding bombs will be more difficult, without serious impairment in functionality and price. They will be probably a little slower, because of the extra weight, but that is not much of a problem in most cities, where the car bomb risk is higher.

Transparent houses are also possible. Glass, plastic and air curtains can make them. Privacy will be a thing of the past, but who cares. In a city with several millions, like mine, spending time watching the neighbours is quite stupid. Illegal activities will be limited, because every passer-by will be a potential witness. Not only bomb making, but kidnapping, arm and drug stockpiling, under-age sex and other offences will be limited by the transparent walls.

Transparency will bring a few problems, but is a small price to pay for bomb safety. And some businessmen are probably working now on its advantages: new products will be needed real soon, if one want to fly, travel to troubled places or avoid long delays in checking points.

The king is not naked. He just wears a transparent cape....

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I am convinced that the Security Industry will grow enormously in the near future, in the wake of the growing political uneasyness. There will be room to sell spying devices, safety electronic, surveillance equipment and other hi-tech gadgets.
Also, my company is an offshore provider for IT services, and I can provide surveillance personnel to watch safety webcams abroad. Most safety cams need to be watched, and not necessarily by local people. We can do at very low wages here in South America.
I expect software to solve this problem in the not-so-near future, but there is still plenty of room for humans in this job. You need to immediately decide if a disruption means an assault or it means a cat jumping, children playing or just the wind.
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