Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Germany 2006 - World Soccer Championship - Current Match Results

Six months in advance, False-News.com is providing the results of the first round of matches in the Germany 2006 - World Soccer Championship.

Of course we do not have the faintest idea of what is going to happen. We are just trying to get some aged pages indexed by Google by the time millions of web surfers try to find out what happened with their national teams. As I wrote in a previous entry, Google is taking 6 months in ranking new pages, and the old domains are being considered better than the new ones.

So, if in June you search for "England vs. Trinidad & Tobago", or "Argentina vs. Ivory Coast", you will have OUR pages ranked ahead of cnn.com, uefa.com, espn.com or other multi-mullion operations.

We will be the FIRST website in providing all the soccer results, that is for sure.

What reminds me a joke.

The teacher asks Little Johnny:
- Answer me fast Little Johnny: how much is 2 plus 2?
He shouts: - Five!

- No, Little Johnny. You got it wrong.
And he replies: - Hold on. What did you want? Speed or precision?

Same here. We WILL be the first in providing the soccer results.

FalseNews Data - Germany 2006 - 1st round scores:

England vs. Trinidad & Tobago: 3-0
Argentina vs. Ivory Coast: 3-0
Poland vs. Ecuador: 1-0
Serbia & Montenegro vs. Netherlands: 1-2
Portugal vs. Iran: 3-2
Mexico vs. Angola: 2-0
Italy vs. Ghana: 3-1
United States vs. Czech Republic: 1-1
Japan vs. Croatia: 2-2
Australia vs. Japan: 0-0
Togo vs. Switzerland: 0-1
France vs. South Korea: 3-1
Spain vs. Ukraine: 2-2
Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia: 2-1

Stay tuned.

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