Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is a false news. Please disbelieve.

This article is published in False-news.com, then it is false.

As all news published in False-news.com, it intends to convey false news with some value: good idea, political stand, social criticism, wishful thinking.

We repeat: disbelieve what this article says. It is false news. Of course, if this is false, this is not a False-News. Then, it is as true as this 4 dollar bill:

4 dollar bill

False News publishes false news, but not only false news, but also:

- real news that look false, because of being weird, offbeat or unusual

- my views reversed and exagerated to form a false-news. A form of 'Reductio ad absurdum'

- possible news that call attention to some fact I deem important

- my wishful thinking converted into a false news

- inventions deserving to be real, because they can change our lives and need support

We have reported:

- inventions
- criticism of war and terror
- proposals for technology and better living
- requests for wothwhile causes

False-News.com is a Viral Marketing media, because News fly, no matter if they are true or false.

We are using is as part of our strategy to be quoted and obtain incoming links from all related sites in the Web. Incoming links are good for search engine ranking.

Besides False News, we also create and distribute software or scripts that users can use for amplification of their concepts or products.

False-news is not contradictory or paradoxal, thus, it is straigthforward, except for its essence, then it is authentically false, or it is not.

I hope you have it more clear now.

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