Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Buttology Science makes significant advance

Prof. Serguei Samoilov, from the Almagro Institute of Medical Sciences, is conducting an original research project.

He analyzed female butt muscle-fat balance and compared it with personality.

He found a consistent correlation between the female ass and personality. He analyzed several factors like: shape, size, fat contents and overall structure (in the brain) and shyness, emotional tendencies, behavior and sex drive (in the butt).

The researcher, together with some colleagues and students, are receiving photos and personality descriptions from female voluntaries everywhere. Use the email in the About link for your contribution.

Results, complete with photos and a personality analysis by the scientist, will be published in an academic website this summer.

The photos below illustrate some preliminary findings of the Buttology Analytic Method.

I took the photos from:

Bold, Climber, Dark, Uptight: my client http://www.escorts.com.ar
Dreamer: Oscar Chichoni - Imagenetion
Naive is actress Peta Williams.

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