Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Banning the Publication of False News is unconstitutional

Besides being sort of a non-non-non-non-non-nonsense riddle, this is a non-false news, and it happened in Uganda. I am happy for the Ugandans, and happy for myself, because False-news.com does not risk being outlawed in the near future by the Ugandan government. Or by any other that had jurisdiction over a blog available in the Web, hosted in Ohio and written in a South American country. A country in which not so long ago, publishing some news was also illegal and could cause severe punishment...

However, I am concerned about the lack of non-credibility of this Blog that occurs when I publish non-false News.

Will people stop un-believing me? Or in other words, will people start believing me? God forbids! I will write something about God in the near future, in this blog. Like "God Exists", or "God sent us a press release".

In the same spirit, I could write an article saying, "President Bush is a nice person", or "Abortion is Bad", or whatever opinion I want to promote, meaning the opposite of what I declare.

Want to read more ramblings about what this site is about? Are you sure?

Also, how can I say "Dont believe me because this is False-news.com". We all studied the Greek paradox that said: "I am a liar. Thus, I am telling a lie. Thus, I am not a liar. Thus, I am telling a truth. Thus...". The bottom line is: "You can have too much truth, but not too much lie". Is like lonely people, who cannot form a club or hang together to share their loneliness.

Oh well. High School students should be assigned to write a False-News.com article. It is a nice exercise on logic, philosophy and journalism. It involves delivering Truth disguised as Falseness. And building credibility without ever pronouncing credible content.

I think I can put together a good mix of falseness, irony, true lies, sarcasm and witty puns, all spiced with a few bold ideas, and still be healthily lying. This would be False-News.com.

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