Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Abortion: Free, Universal, Compulsory and Retroactive

Abortion foes won`t like it, but these people do not care. If they have their way, they won`t last. Neither of them.

The FUCR extremist group in the Netherlands dettached from a Green Abortionist faction, and declared that abortion should be Free, Universal (meaning everyone not only in Europe, but in the whole world), Compulsory (more than Pro-Choice, No-Choice), and Retroactive (born babies shall be disposed, even if born in the last days or decades).

When asked about the consequences of these rather advanced ideas their speaker, Grugn Grrung, was ready to explain.

"Compulsory abortion is basic for our demand and we won't give it up". He later admitted that it was compulsory for the phetus, upon mother's decission.

When confronted about the "retroactive abortion" he finally accepted that Retroactive Abortion makes Normal Abortion unnecessary, since the phetuses would die with their mothers. To avoid this contradiction, Grugn and his friends agreed on the "Kind" abortion idea.

"We are not getting soft, it is just a nice acronym: Free, Universal, Compulsory and Kind", he said.

Grrung is a student of Genetic Engineering at the University of Gottlingen, where he does research on hereditary infertility. He was previously expelled from Kabul Taliban Madrasa School, under Mulla Omar, for his extremists ideas and bad breadth.

The above photo was taken from coral-lab.org, but has nothing to do with the story.

The FUCR abortion project has been aborted. For now.

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