Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Scientifically proven: clothes are not necessary to cross the street

This simple fact was demonstrated by a young urban artist belonging to the "Urbanudism" group, formed by some 13 people in in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and other cities.

"As an experiment is quite simple and I would say stupid", said a pleased witness, "but I could stay here watching it over and over"

"The frontal matter she wants to demonstrate do not need much support" said an expert in the field. "But looking the issue from behind, it deserves some attention".

When the police arrived, the mood changed among the small crowd that had assembled.

"Obscene is hunger, obscene is corruption, this is not obscene" - said a serious supporter of the young artist, who signs her website as "Avril X".

"The picket protesters in our country could use her help while cutting our streets" - was the comment of a policeman for the TV reporters.

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