Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Suicide Boat facilities

A new service will be offered in L.A. exclusively for those who want to committ suicide without disturbing traffic or waking-up firefighters.
Would-be suicides will board a boat with Tuvalusian banner, which will leave American costs until a spot where suicide is not illegal. Tuvalu does not have a law banning suicide.
Several options for suicide will be provided, from jumping to the shark-infested waters to eating junk food until the end.
Universal Studios plans to shoot your last minute, send the video to your enemies and offer seats to visitors, with popcorn and everything.
The boat will have special facilities for those committing suicide, including farewell stationery and fast last-will lawyers. Last-smoke will allowed, since the strict California healthy life regulations are not valid out of the coast.
Attractive one-way flight packages will be offered to potential suicides from other cities.
If you want to secure a prime spot in expensive Redondo Beach seaside, there is a unique $5,000 fee. Consider it cheap, since no other expense will follow, ever.
Several entrepreneurs are interested in similar boats that will carry on gambling, drug abuse, poligamy and other activities that are considered legal in some countries and not in others.


1) A pro-abortion group based in the Netherlands has a boat that performs abortions legally in international waters, off coasts were abortion is not legal.

The Dutch boat, sponsored by Women on Waves, has visited several countries, mostly Catholic. The 35-metre (115 ft) converted fishing boat, has a makeshift treatment room welded to its deck.


2) Change of mind: A would-be suicide caused train rerailment with several dead and many wounded. He parked his Jeep Cherokee on railroad tracks in Glendale as a commuter train approached.

But then he changed his mind. He exited his sport utility vehicle and watched as the Metrolink train hit it, derailed, ran into a northbound Metrolink commuter train and crashed into a parked Union Pacific train, police said. http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/01/27/train.derailment/

suicide boat

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