Friday, April 11, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight: What really happened

Finally, the fate of the fallen Malaysia missing plane was revealed by an email. Passenger Lyonel Murrugand, a Nepalese frequent business traveler, sent a revealing email to his mistress seconds before the plane took its last dive in the ocean. The email went thru several intermediaries that did not want to reveal the name of the original receptor, which is a married woman. The message also contained many adult-only phrases that embarrassed all the intermediaries between Murrugand´s mistress and Janet Jinjer, a journalist for the Kuala Lumpur "Daily Yellow" that is about to print it. 

How did the doomed traveler obtain internet connection? Apparently the plane went near a Chinese passenger jet with an open wi-fi connection, and passengers enjoyed a few seconds of connectivity. The plane was assaulted by three young men carrying hard plastic knives. The knives were made of 4 parts snapped and glued together. Apparently the pieces had odd shapes and could not be detected by the X ray examination. The kidnappers glued and assembled the knives, waiting three hours for the glue to act. After threatening the stewards the thieves went into the cockpit and forced the pilots to divert the plane towards Perth, Australia, where one of the kidnappers had an old aunt named Eileen that waited to see him. 

 The bold and aggressive men took time to demand all money and valuables from the passengers and crew, and after that forced the pilot to fly real low over the ocean. Just when the plane ran out of fuel, they had the door opened and jumped into the sea, where an accomplice drove a small boat to pick them up.
This story can be confirmed if any valuable belongings from the passengers appears in pawn shops or flea markets. Or if the credit cards or other documents are ever used. 

"This is not a sad story, after all. I plan to write a book about it, and sell the movie rights", - said Janet, the journalist of the "Daily Yellow". "I understand people are sorry about the missing plane, and the plane and lives mean more than 400 millions. But the Titanic disaster costed 90 million back in 1909, and the movie made 2.4 billion". 

Many questions remain to be answered. 

  • Why these logic event chain was not deducted or guessed by the crash investigators? 
  • Why the crew did not use firearms against the kidnappers armed with plastic knives? 
  • Should not the police investigate the Olympic divers, the only ones that can jump safely into the water from over 4000 feet? 
  • Are there any victims whose relatives did not mourn?
  •  Did the kidnappers want to kill the passengers and wreck the plane, or that was an accident?
  •  Did Aunt Eileen suspect anything when his nephew arrived home with two friends, all wet, and with plenty of foreign money in his pockets?
 Wait for the movie to find out.  

Seriously now 

It would be quite easy for a criminal group to take a plane, collect valuables from the passengers and jump out. This could be hampered by video surveillance cameras in the aisles. I imagine the many writers are now dreaming with the movie. 

Airplane security will be enhanced in view of this tragic incident. If my cheap car ever gets stolen, the insurance company can easily recover it by means of the hidden radio transmitter sold by LoJack. 
Why a plane does not have anything like that? 

When the air hostess says "Turn out your cell phones, please", I imagine only half of the passengers obey. The other half leaves them on, and this could be used to track the phones in the missing plane. It is likely that a few of them had roaming or satellite service, that could work even in the air. Why we have not heard of such thing?

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