Friday, July 23, 2010

Freedom Ship: Abortion, Drugs, Sex Change and Euthanasia

There is already a ship chartered by pro-choice activists that offers abortion pills to women where abortion is illegal. They simply take the woman to international waters, and the Dutch-flagged ship allows doctors to terminate unwanted pregnancies. The organization is Women on Waves, and so far have visited Ireland, Portugal and other European ports.

This is such an interesting project, that I am willing to expand it into other activities that are illegal in most countries, but legal in the Netherlands. And mostly, bringing the ship to Latin America, where abortion is largely illegal.

The ship would have several sections, in addition to Abortions: Pot Smoking, Same Sex Marriages, Euthanasia, Sex Change Surgery, Gambling and delivery of babies with Dutch nationality.

The cost of those activities will be very low for citizens of restricted countries, because they will only need to board the ship for a few miles.

The captain of the ship will act as non-denominational Priest to marry couples and administer last sacraments to euthanasia adopters. He will also be Birth Godfather, and we will try to convince him into pouring drinks (for Arab countries where alcohol is illegal) and preparing the Opium Narguille. At nights he doubles as Croupier in the Floating Casino.

We need a few bucks (maybe 1,000,000) that will be multiplied several times in a year or two.

We are open to other equally appealing activities to add: Human Cloning (still unauthorized), Human Genetic Engineering, 3-Some Marriages and more.

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