Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tree man from the Hobbit reported alive

Old Man Willow, a tree man in The Hobbit, was not only a myth. A guy in Indonesia, pictured here, suffers from a strange condition that resembles the fictional character. Doctors asume he has warts caused by Human Papiloma Virus, the same agent that commonly infects the female cervix and could cause cancer.
The virus is not treatable by current antiviral drugs, at least in every case.
Vitamin A could be helpful in cases such as this, but there is no guarrantee of success. The reason for this extreme infection could be a weak immune system or a very aggressive viral strain, or both.
This person, named Dede, used to be part of a freak show in Bandung, Indonesia, in order to earn some money, but now he is in a hospital. The doctors made no promises...

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