Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Naked News Anchor for Diggers

Recently a Russian news show surprised the world with attractive women taking out their clothes as the news approached its end. Suddenly, every guy was interested in knowing the end of the most irrelevant stories, like a lost cat in Beluchistan or a new statue erected (or destroyed) in Vladivostok.

The example was soon followed by news anchor in other TV stations around the world, with or without 'glasnost'.

Thus, it should not be a surprise the announce by Theresa Lyon, newbie Digger, about her taking out her clothes and show pieces of her anatomy as her news gets digged.

Theresa, pictured above, is a 21-y.o. from Albany, NY, who studies and waits tables in a local fast-food. She offered this increasingly hot scheme:
- miniskirt with 5 diggs
- 2 more bath suit photos with 10 diggs
- a small piece of skin with 20 diggs and 5 fans
- naked from waist up with 30 diggs and 10 fans
- naked to the waist, starting in both ends, with 40 diggs and 20 fans
- very bold photo #1, with 60 diggs and 30 fans
- very bold photo #2, with 80 diggs and 40 fans
As a scheme to get to Digg front page it seems quite original.
You will soon see here if it works or not.
Thanks Theresa for your deep insight into Digg ultra-secret algorithm...

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