Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson died of…

Michael Jackson died of drug intoxication yesterday.

Michael Jackson died yesterday in L.A. of cardiac arrest at only 50, had several health problems, none of them very serious. We will know the results of the autopsy probably in a week or two. In the meantime, I suggest that he died as a result of a drug cocktail intoxication.

He had vitiligo, a defective production of melanin by the deep skin cells. Vitiligo is not serious, but has strong psychological impact. Michael tried all kind of medications, like monobenzone, psoralen and others which could be toxic.

He underwent too numerous plastic surgeries, mainly rhinoplasty, chin implant and skin peelings.

It was rumored that Jackson suffered from systemic lupus, cystic fibrosis and skin cancer. AIDS is also a possibility considering his high-risk behaviors.

Several times he postponed concerts because of dehydration or low blood pressure.

While performing, he had a broken vertebra and a leg, which induced him to have painkillers.

Having an addiction to prescription painkillers, it is likely that an overdose caused the cardiac arrest.

Recently, Jackson's "official and sole spokesperson", Dr. Tohme Tohme, said the following: "Mr. Jackson is in fine health", and we accussed an author of wanting to promote a book on a suppossed Jackson illness.

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