Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My mother-in-law had breast implants

Well, there is no law against mother-in-laws getting a better figure. My problem is that I am forced to make comparisons and I cannot properly concentrate on my husband duties. Are natural things better than silicon?

gramy surgery

If silicon is good for computers, why not for women?

What will happen when 99% of woman have implants and you are stuck with the only non-operated one?

Anyway, my mother in-law is looking for a boyfriend...

The Inflation is crushing our growth

The inflation is being very high in the Argentine economy these days (Aug.2007), as well as in other LatinAmerican countries.

We expect the authorities solve this problem ASAP.

inflation scare

Even people in great need are unable to carry out projects and ending them properly, under this heavy load.

"Small guys cannot move or breath under this big pressure from above us, let alone grow and enjoy, said Dick Smart, the guy whose feet are pictured above., a Powerful Viral Marketing tool offered for sale

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